And So It Begins (Onwards Ho!)

I’m Isaac, and this blog will be where I chronicle my attempt at making myself—mind, body, and spirit—and my life the best that they can be. Throughout its lifespan, I will keep a log on my projects and what I’m trying to improve upon, as well anything relevant that I discover. I’ll include all the adventures I have along the way (which, with any luck, will be plentiful, as I plan to see as much of the world as possible).

This blog will probably back and forth between topics, till I find my niche, but I’m going to do my best to post regularly. The theme will also change, over the next few weeks or so, till I settle upon something. And in a few days, I’ll have an about page up and probably a selfie in the sidebar. So you have that to look forward to!


P.S. No judging. I saw an opportunity to include the site title in the post and I took it. ;)