Drowning in Feels + Update on College Finances

I’m writing this in my friend Luke’s basement on my new college laptop, while my best friend Quinton tries to install Grand Theft Auto V on his computer.

I’m really going to miss moments like these.

Less than a week from now, this coming Saturday, I’ll be at Truman, more than seventy miles from the town I’ve lived in for the past five years. Ten miles away I nearly killed myself, and a few blocks down from this house I made some incredible friends and gained so much self-confidence. This town…. it’s pretty conservative, pretty hick, and kinda awful. But much of me was made in this town, and there’s so much I’ll be leaving behind, in a way. I won’t be able to drive ten minutes, show up at Quinton’s door, chill and then just fall asleep talking to him. I won’t be able to drive down country roads in my Neon (we’re selling it tomorrow), playing music too loudly from my DIYed aux cable. My room won’t be mine anymore.

This won’t be the last time Quinton and I stay up late, just being in each other’s company. And I know that Truman is full of great people I’ll love. But I’ve never been good at letting go of things, and that’s a big part of this transition for me.

Anyway. Rambly part over. Onto happier things! Like paying for college!!

I received a $1,000 scholarship from the company my dad works for, as well as up to $1,200 for computer science majors (who knows if I’ll actually get that haha). As long as my grants and Bright Flight don’t lower in price too much, my college costs this year should be about $0. Without any loans. And the prospect of graduating without any debt is so freeing.

it’s midnight so I’m gonna save this post as a draft and post it later BUT I LOVE YOU QUINTON

Okay it’s now nine in the morning at Truman, my second day here and wow this is…. odd. This post is a mess, I’m sorry, but yeah. Feels. I’m excited.