Quick Update (College + Lobbying in DC)

So about two weeks ago I found out for sure I’m going to Washington DC. And then yesterday I found out I’ll be lobbying there.
But let me back up for a second.
My friend Davy, from high school, was invited to fly out to DC by the Missouri Farmer’s Union, since his parents had been so involved. The story of how I got involved is a bit longer, but, essentially, he told me they do cool stuff and they  needed more people involved (and really needed a new website). I have no intention of working in agriculture after college, but I’ve spent most of my life on what were pretty much farms. Anyway, the invitation to go to DC was extended to me and, since they’re paying for everything, the decision was pretty much already made.
Davy and I are boarding our second plane in about two hours (we’ve been up since four in the morning) and will be in DC until Friday afternoon. Right now, I’m a little bit fuzzy on all of our agenda, but we’re going to lobby and wear suits a lot, so it should be exciting.
I’ll miss nearly a week of classes while I’m gone, but I’ve already talked to all of my professors, so I’m not very concerned (other than teaching myself a week of Calculus II, that’s gonna be fun. Ha).
I’ll probably post fairly regular updates on my trip one Twitter!